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Thread: Sierra Gameking 165 Grain

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    Sierra Gameking 165 Grain

    Anyone know where these are available in Aberdeenshire or central Scotland? Thanks in advance.

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    If you're prepared to order online from Europe, they have these available:

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    Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity have you ever ordered from them?
    I will need to look into the legal aspects of ordering from Europe... but I believe as long as I have them on my license I can order them direct even though they are expanding heads. Like I say though I will look into it before I do order.
    Anyone out there know the rules?
    Thanks again for the response.

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    Hi 762scot
    Just ask any RFD to get them in from Midway UK for you. Reading their terms and conditions explains how to do it. They have 165 HPBT Game King in stock and 165 BTSP Game King due in this Month.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Yorkie,
    Will check it out. All very helpful

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    Ian Ballantyne at Northern Sportsman also has them I have learned... he is in the north east of England. Looks like I am covered now. Thanks to all that have responded with help.

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    Hope you get sorted out. I haven't ever ordered from them. However I am waiting for a bullet order from South Africa in the post. They've been stuck with customs at Heathrow for a week now so will have to wait and see how it turns out.

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    I cannot reach the site with the provided link but if this is the bullet I have used them in 30-06 for years and can fully endorse them for use on anything from Roe to Elk.


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    Hi, I don't know what you intend to use them for or if your after the SP or the HP with a star crimp tip but I used the HP on a roe buck on the last day of the season for a broadside chest shot at 210yds out of my 30-06 and the bullet failed to expand. The bullet went through exactly where it should of and went through the lungs. My mate thought I'd gut shot it with the way it kicked it's back legs out then hunched up then ran 40 yds and layed down. I was sue of my shot placement so gave it 15 min to see if it bled out but it kept putting its head up and looking at us without attempting to get up. In the end I had to circle closer and finnish it off. I intend to try the SP version for my next roe doe but will be saving the Rest of the HP ones till I go for my first red.


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    night stalker,
    Thanks for the post. What velocity are you achieving with your 30 06 loads? I was looking for SP's although I am after reds. Bad news on your recent hunt but you did an admirable job by the sounds of it. I find posts such as yours very interesting. I am using a 308 although the 30 06 is an outstanding round.

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