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Thread: rifle valuations please

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    rifle valuations please

    A neighbour of mine, not currently a member on here but soon to join up, has 2 rifles to sell. They're on his wife's ticket, but she won't be renewing her FAC when the time comes. No doubt he'll advertise them on here once he's joined and had his probationary 30 days, but I'm just doing a bit of background research for him in the meantime, as to their value.
    The rifles are:

    CZ .22lr, heavy barrel, looks like new - no marks or scratches, chequering all crisp etc. Really nice bit of kit.

    Steyr Scout .223, synthetic stock, stainless fluted barrel. Looks like it's done a bit more work than the CZ, but that's only a guess as I really don't know what I'm looking for in a rifle of this style.

    Both have scopes on them, but I forget exactly what. Looks to be a better / newer scope on the .22lr. Both scopes are the same make (if I remember correctly), but not sure what - emblem or trade mark of buck's head???

    Both rifles are screw cut, but don't come with mods.

    Also a quantity of ammo for both.

    Any ideas anyone? Just ballpark figures.

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    No, I don't think so - I think the buck was head on.
    I should have paid more attention, but the fellow brews his own cider, and you know how it is....

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    300 cz
    600 steyr

    Price without scopes !
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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    Both scopes are the same make (if I remember correctly), but not sure what - emblem or trade mark of buck's head???
    Simmons Whitetail?

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    +1 i have a cz .22 won't sell it top bunny/rat or anything rifle and a close foxer ,Scout had one sorry i sold it in .243 it was a tack driver even from the 19" barrel, both are worth having all be it a bit like Marmite !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    300 cz
    600 steyr

    Price without scopes !

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    about right prices i would agree although probably 30% - 40% lower if selling to the trade!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Simmons Whitetail?

    Yes, I think that's it!
    Assuming that the scopes are appropriate to the rifles that they sit on (magnification etc), how much do you think they'd add to the value? Or would it be best to advertise the scopes separately?

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