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Thread: Anyone stalked on the Tumby Estate, Lincs

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    Anyone stalked on the Tumby Estate, Lincs

    I have been looking around for paid stalking opportunities and picked up a card from Tumby estates, near Woodall Spa, in my local gunshop.

    Prices seem 'reasonable' - 130 + VAT per day for Fallow does (no cull fee, no shot fee, appears to be no limit on numbers you can shoot), but thats all only any good if there are deer and the set up is good. High seat/towers and the possibility of paying more for an accompanied stalk as opposed to seats. My only worry is he is placing up to 6 guns at a time.

    I wonder if anyone here has used them and has any feedback please?

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    Theres some nice ground over that direction, and should be deer there. However 156 a day for high seat only wouldn't float my boat. I'd either like to be stalking an area, perhaps between seats or want an accompanied stalk either am or early pm and a stint in the seat other end of the day.
    Having a few guns out is not a bad thing as it can "move" deer between guns and allow for more opportunities than if out alone.

    Not sure on your experience? but if you want the benefit of a guide to learn from then you should get that, you won't feel comfortable left alone up a tree to make your own choices if a novice.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am a novice, but one who now probably needs to go it alone a bit - like a newbie driver who has recently passed his test. Or that's how it feels anyway. It'd be my first time on Fallow though so what you suggest is probably the best bet, accompanied to start in the morning then a seat solo in the eve maybe.

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    Karlbird you have pm.

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    You got it. I'd possibly be thinking of getting in a seat before light then if nothing showing have a stalk round. Your guide will know the likely area's to try depending on the weather, sun etc. Hopefully you'll find deer and get it on the ground. Then this time of year you'll only just have time for some lunch and a short stalk to a seat and wait it out for the last couple hours till dark.

    As you say you got to do it yourself some time, so good luck and most of all enjoy the stalk. Looks like you might have an offer in the pipeline.

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