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Thread: Hello from West Yorks

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    Hello from West Yorks


    I've been lurking on the site for quite a long time, reading with great interest some of the posts spanning several years. I take particular interest in the equipment section, it helps me to dream about spending money that I don't have!

    I have a fairly limited experience of stalking, in fact it is many years since I shot a deer, although I have held a FAC (.22 rifle) and SGC for years, and enjoy game shooting and vermin control. Hopefully I can find something knowledgable to contribute here and there, it's apparant that there's a huge amount of knowledge here already. I lookik forward to meeting some of you.

    Best regards


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    Welcome and hopfully when we have a getogether again you will pop along

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    Yep , welcome Tuck 1 , watch out for the next Yorks meet in the next few weeks , I'm sure you'll enjoy it .



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    Many thanks, I'll try my best!

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