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Thread: Wye Valley info please

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    Wye Valley info please

    Hi all , I have the opportunity of some ground in the Southern part of the Wye valley on the English/Eastern side of the river. It is steep wooded ground. I understand that there are fallow there, what sort of numbers are there down there ?
    Are there likely to be any other species about and what are the chances of Boar being about?

    Any local information much appreciated. George

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    Depending on where it is there may be- Red, Roe, Muntjac and Boar in addition to the Fallow.
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    Blimey that's got my juices going!

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    Don't get too excited as the numbers of roe and muntjac are low and the two red herds are very small and localised. Efforts have also been made in recent years by the Lower Wye Valley Deer Management group to reduce fallow numbers substancially. I don't see many fallow on the small permission that I have to shoot in the area, and while evidence suggests muntjac may be present on my ground I haven't actually seen any yet. Another stalker off this site who has much larger permissions not very far from mine reports seeing all except the reds on his ground.

    The boar seem to move around a fair bit from what I hear. One friend who previously regularly reported seeing boar in the area where he lives said the other night that he hadn't seen any for months while another who lives in a different area slightly further north said that he had seen numerous boar recently, and in fact saw a sounder of 12 or so just the other day when walking his dogs. He said the boar had no fear and got between him and his car and the matriarc was slightly agressive obviously protecting the young from the supposed threat of the dogs.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks 8x57
    Though I have yet to visit the site , the land owner has reported a distinct browse line. The area is very much in the lower part of the valley,I believe the FC are large land owners in the area , have they managed in conjunction with the local DMG to knock the Fallow back?

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    The FC are the biggest supporters of the lower wye valley deer management group. Like you say they are probably the main landowners in the area.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi 8x57.

    Do you happen to have a contact name or contact details for the Lower Wye Valley Deer Management Group? If so could you pm them to me. Thanks.
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