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Thread: New calibre

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    New calibre

    Evening all
    How do you choose a new calibre? I am going to change a rifle I have a .243 and know an like the calibre but fancy a change, already have a 308 in the cabinet, the choices are just to many!
    what do you all use and why?

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    Whatever your needs buy an inherently accurate 22 Hornet and enjoy Small Calibre life.

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    204 ? 6.5x47 ? or 270 what ever you like as said tonnes of choice small wasp or a big bang as long as it makes you grin you go ahead and have one .

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    Choose a bullet weight and construction
    match it to a suitable calibre
    choose a cartridge that drives said bullet at the speed you want

    or just get a .270...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Home Loader View Post
    Evening all
    How do you choose a new calibre?.....
    I read up on the options.



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    I do have a .222 as an enjoyable small calibre. The 308 is provided by work so am looking to have something different!

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    .460 weatherby just for rabbits perhaps one day

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    30/06 - a fNtastic round that has more of a "ba-doom" than a "bang", you can knock down pretty much anything that walks the planet and also shoot rabbits and long range with it.A very versatile round.Regards,Gixer

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    Quote Originally Posted by lister View Post
    .460 weatherby just for rabbits perhaps one day

    Seriously though, you have a .222 and a .308 so you're missing a big bore something that starts with a .4

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