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Thread: CCI small pistol primers vs cci magnum small pistol primers

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    CCI small pistol primers vs cci magnum small pistol primers

    I accidentally picked up cci 550 magnum small pistol primers instead of cci 500 small pistol primers, I am currently loading 115gr 9mm with 8gr of blue dot which is pretty close to full case (I believe 8.4gr is the max) so how much should I reduce by to use the magnum primers??Regards,Gixer

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    Why are all my threads and responses missing spaces now???? Have I clicked a button I shouldn't have?Regards,GixerEdit to say - I had line spaces between regards and Gixer, what's going on???

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    you shouldn't have to reduce your favourite load at all with magnum primers, in my experience they do not affect pressure or velocity,just to be sure in your own mind though, try loading 5 with 7.5gr , 5 with 7.7gr and 5 with 8gr. If anything they will give more positive ignition with a full case of powder. I use them all the time with full power .357mag but just standard with .38spl.

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    thanks for the reply, I'll knock it back to 7.5 and see how it goes.


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