A big thank you to carl (shooter 79) for this Saturday just gone.Went out stalking in horrendous weather in the morning,bumped some fallow does in the woods and when a shot eventually presented itself it was skylined
After a quick pit stop to refuel the body we met carls friend to have a play with the rifles on another piece of land and again ran into a nice buck and 2 does who soon diss appeared into the woods.
Eventually the weather cleared and the evening outing began,it was pretty quiet on the deer front until the witching hour when deer were spotted all around appart from the land we were on,even had 12 in a field not 40yards from us but again not our field.By this time light had gone and the day was over.
Never seen so many deer on the hills surrounding us and I'm sure next time my luck will change.
Don't think carl could have tried harder for a deer for me.
Thanks and see you at Christmas.