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Thread: 52gr A-Max

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    52gr A-Max

    20+ count of 52gr A-Max .224 cal

    Obviously not fussed about already open box etc just want to try some load dev before I commit to buying in bulk.



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    before you go on a load development safari look at your supply chain
    Where is the "bulk" Amax you speak of?!

    AFAIK there are so many people after the 52gr Amax I would be seriously surprised if anyone was willing to give up 20 bullets as they themselves may struggle to find the replacements!

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    Thanks Bewsher,

    It was really aimed at those who had a few kicking around their reloading cupboard that no longer used the bullet in their set up.

    Noted re supply - I had not looked into supply chain issues and naively thought that they would be available.

    My request still stands....even if I'm less optimistic


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    Now sorted, thank you.

    After days of phone calls and emails I've manged to aquire 600 of these elusive bu**ers.

    Now, where is my pith helmet.....
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