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Thread: 7x64 brass + Dies

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    7x64 brass + Dies

    Looking for either once fired or new brass. Would like norma if possible, but anything to get me up and running would be good.

    Also a neck sizing die and a seater die.. WHYG?

    Thanks in advance.

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    How come your on this caliber mate ?.

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    York guns had some s&b cases cheap I bought 160 off them they also had some ammo at old prices

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    I might have some new Norma I will check when I get back from gran canaria.

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    Got a 7x64 barrel coming for the new acquisition. Will use the 6.5x284 barrel for every day stuff in the UK, but seeing as I have a butt ton of 7mm bullets, it makes sense to load for the 7x64

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    I have just bought 200 norma 7x64 cases from Reloading solutions today I believe they have had a shipment arrive yesterday.

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    Do you mind me asking how much they were? I cant see a price on their website?

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    I think the order cane to just over £200 including postage, however when they arrive I'll check the invoice.

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    Ouch! That's lapua brass prices..

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    After reading other posts on this site I went to eGun for 7x64 once-fired brass.
    7x64 Hülsen - SofortKauf-Artikel lists 'buy it now' items - Google Translate.
    The Cineshot brass that I bought reloads very well and the price was good.
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