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Thread: Sid sauer ssg 3000

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    Sid sauer ssg 3000

    Anybody have a sig ssg 3000 308,need to know about the accuracy of the rifle and how they are getting on with it,any help will be appreciated.

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    I have shot the older model SSG 3000, based off the same action as my SHR 970, but target stock with adjustments, muzzle brake, heavy barrel. A 1/2 MOA rifle. The STR 970 ( military ) and SHR 970 are way sub MOA with every load I have shot through one ( .308, .270, .280, .30-06, 7mm RM).

    Go look at some of the forums for rapid fire matches in the Scandinavian countries, where this rifle is in wide usage.

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    Thanks southern for the link just got rid of my rem 700 and liked the sig,need a new toy,and I liked the new stock that comes with it. I believe that your country makes them and the barrel and action comes from Germany mine is ordered and should be here in 6 weeks.just wanted some hands on experience with the rifle.

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    This is a whole different ball of wax than the Rem M700.
    Which stock are you looking at? They have had about a dozen over the last 20 years.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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ID:	49084It's the latest in there line of stocks it's not the bell and Carlson,it still has the adjustable cheek riser it has the buttons either side to raise it,and it does not have the vent holes on the fore end,but it looks really cool,going for the 18"barrel with the ase utra sl5 moderator.
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    That looks a lot like the original McMillan stock on the STR 970.
    The prices have been dropped in the USA from about $2,500 to $1,350 to $1,550.00, depending on the barrel and other configurations.

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    I was handling one in the Newport Sportsman's a couple of weeks back and it felt rather good. The bolt was seriously silky smooth and it had a good solid 'feel' about the whole system. I think it only had a single stack 5 rd mag, but apart from that was great.

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    Just short of 1.500 pounds here southern in the uk,tiff they did not have the patrol version with the 18" barrell when I enquired,I heard the bolts are slick,and we'll put together,really looking forward to getting it,sticking with the 168 grain a-max was using 44 grains of varget but have a job to get it now so switching to n150 when I run out of varget,southern as we are finding it hard to get powders over here,it's very hit and miss at the moment

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    Yes, the bolt is like the Sauer 202 or SHR 970, full body, rebated head like the Steyr SBS and Tikka T3, so full support, no play. Twist is 1:11, for the 165 to 178-gr bullets.

    VV N-150 is a great powder, and same dose as VARGET or Reloader 15: 42.5 to 45.0 grains with a 165 or 168-gr bullets, depending on bearlng surface.

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    Never used the ssg 3000 but it looks like it would do the business. Sig have a good reputation too so I think it will be a shooter. On the powder for the 308 I use varget for my rifle and still have some but to be honest I recently tried VVN140 and had outstanding results with Sierras 168 and 175 grain matchings. Even if varget was available in the future I will now buy N140!

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