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Thread: Baikal O/U

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    Baikal O/U

    For sale is my Baikal 12 gauge. It is in good condition and shoots perfectly. It is 2 3/4" chamber and fixed chokes with 1/4 and 1/2 I believe. It comes with the recoil pad. It has been my back up gun but I just need some space in my cabinet. Any questions please ask. 120 in Kent
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    I have great memories of rocketing crows at 50y with one of these in 1974. Using their own Russian Purdey cartridges too.

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    Great guns! I remember those old Baikal cartridges with a shudder though. Great killing cartridges, but filthy-dirty & noisy as hell too

    Good luck with the sale

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    They are real work horses these baikals. Have had some great shooting with this. Will do someone well

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    I've got it's twin, built in 1982, it cost me peanuts, is shabby and ugly as a warthogs smile but I love it.
    The ejectors work with as much aplomb as the day it came off the production line, and who knows how many cartridges have gone through it.

    Proper Russian engineering.

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    Any offers considered. Quick sale needed

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