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Thread: recommendations for a jacket

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    recommendations for a jacket

    Am on the look out for a jacket for around £100,
    what are peoples recommendations,
    I was going to go for a ridgeline monsoon for £89 but they sold out in large.

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    Army surplus windproof smock - £10 - £30 on ebay. Wash some waterproofing into it and it is suitable for most stalking and conditions. As it is so breathable in 99% of conditions you will be drier and warmer than if you'd paid big money for a gore-tex jacket.

    Also buy a surplus gore tex for £20 - £40 and in really bad weather wear it UNDER the windproof smock. This is why the surplus gore tex layers tend to have no pockets as this is a design feature. The surplus gore tex layers are light and roll up small so you can throw one into the rucksack and you will only need to wear it in the most awful conditions or if you are going to be out for a very many hours.

    This will give you an excellent clothing system suitable for almost any weather you will encounter in the UK that is ideal for stalking. I have lots of other jackets but this is simply the best stalking solution I've seen.
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    I got the Ridge line Mallard and it's really good value.It's soft and silent and waterproof.
    I don't like to spend a fortune on something that can get ripped and ruined. It looks fine for ordinary street wear too,not a fan of camo stuff.
    It is a lightweight but if you get a bigger size you just put another layer underneath.
    Ridge line seem to be a bit neat re sizes so best to order at least one size bigger than your normal choice.
    If you are OK with the teak colour you can pick one up for about £50 but I prefer the olive which is actually dark green to me. So you can get two of these for the price of some others.
    Have a look here...

    RidgelIne Mallard Jacket - ( HoodsUK ) - (Powered by CubeCart)

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    Quote Originally Posted by j200esy View Post
    Am on the look out for a jacket for around £100,
    what are peoples recommendations,
    I was going to go for a ridgeline monsoon for £89 but they sold out in large.
    Check out the first jacket:
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    I agree totally with caorach... it works and doesnt cost a packet. The military spend loads of time in the field wearing the kit after its well tested. I have the goretex mtp jacket /trousers and it is great quality stuff for a great price. Easily carried in a pack.

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    Thanks for the input,
    camo isn't really my thing, but found a ridgeline monsoon for £89 in XL , and tried one on in my local shop and the sizing is ok, so think that's what I will do go for a XL monsoon.

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    You sound like me 18 months ago. Ha. I also have a Ridgeline Roar jacket/Trousers which I got at a great price and I am happy with but they are not that easily carried in a pack like the surplus goretex. The goretex can also be carried for those days when the weather can change quickly. I didnt particularly like the idea of cammo gear until I realised out on the hill no one is looking at it except the deer. You have lots of choices.

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    Ha, so many choices, I've had ok camo gear in the past, and think I will keep an eye out for some goretex gear,
    am going to Scotland in Dec, and fancy a new jacket to .

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    I got my stuff from British Military Surplus - British Military Surplus and cant fault it. Enjoy Scotland its a great place.

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    Unless you really enjoy bathing in your own sweat.

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