Guy sees an ad for a talking dog for sale in his local paper, so arranges to go see it.

Knocks door and is invited in by the owner who suggests the guy has a word with said dog
and points to the mut in a basket in the corner (think it was a BMH)

Well say's guy to mut. tell me a bit about yourself, to which(in a german accent)the dog starts by saying, Well when i was younger i was a bit of an action dog, was in the milittary as a sniffer dog, did a few tours of northern ireland,1st gulf war,recieved loads of medals
After that i worked for customs sniffing out drugs, was good at that too..

Done a fair bit of vollunteer work in disaster zones, erthquakes and the like..

In my spare time i do a bit off picking up, i'm a field trial champion ...

Sired hundreds of pup's also

Guy say's goodbye to dog and walks over to the owner unable to believe what he has just seen and heard..

Say's to the owner that is incredible i've never seen the like,but why are you selling him??

To which the owner replies