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Thread: Geese this Saturday over decoys

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    Geese this Saturday over decoys

    I have at short notice availability for a team of 4-6 guns to shoot a very large number of Greylags which have turned up onto one of our maize stubbles.

    It will be this Saturday 15th and you will need to be set up on the ground by 6:30 am.

    This will we over decoys so the guns need to be level headed and allow the geese to get into the pattern to allow all to shoot.

    The cost is 50 per gun which includes the guide and decoys and you can take as many geese away as you want.

    Apologies for not advertising this individually to all the members who have enquired about geese but it would take me all night to contact everyone.

    There are videos of the geese hitting the field on our Facebook page which is Yorkshire Deer Management to give you a taster of the numbers.

    The geese will be watched in on Friday to ensure that they are still coming in and I will cancel if they have moved as I wont waste peoples time and money.

    PM me to book, it will be first come first gets.


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    Do you still have goose/duck shooting available?

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