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Thread: Sako 85 rust issue

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    Sako 85 rust issue

    Hi guys, I visited a gunstore today and looked through a nice display of New rifles. Amongst the rifles was a new Sako 85 in Stainless steel with a synthetic stock, on closer examination, rusty fingerprint marks were clearly visible on the outside of the trigger guard, the rifle was marked new on the price ticket.

    Obviously the rifles get handled by numerous people on a daily basis but I was a little surprised to see this on a quality stainless rifle, But I always wipe my firearms over after handling for this very reason.

    No doubt this could be easily removed but it is one reason that I do not like buying display models of anything - preferring to get a new one from its box and then giving it a thorough examination before buying.
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    They all rust, it's not true stainless steel. Fingerprints contain salt, sat in a showroom t perfect temprature, the rust spots are inevitable.

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    +1 i can rust a gun by looking at it not that iam that ugly but i have a high ph, i have rusted remington PSS even with there phosphate added anti rust coating the reason why i got James to coat my stainless Sako 85 the problem has gone away and it looks far better, a plus is it will stay that way a lot longer too .

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    They all rust, it's not true stainless steel. Fingerprints contain salt, sat in a showroom t perfect temprature, the rust spots are inevitable.

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    I too have corrosive fingerprints, as a boy I remember making items in metalwork lessons in school, at the end of the lesson all the class would place their jobs into a large plastic tray ready to be worked on in the following weeks lesson, all our jobs (made from mild steel) were stamped with an identifying number.

    The following week we would retrieve our jobs from the tray. I didn't need to look at the identification number as mine was always the rusty one, I had to rub all the rust marks off with emery cloth before working on it. I then took to oiling mine every week after rubbing it down for the umpteenth time!
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    another reason why i still today use cooking oil on all my blades still as least we can say a part of us will always be with our rifles lol

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    If rusting is an issue, as Paul O said, get it coated, it's not expensive to do either.

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    Jager SA Rifles made for the field without the manure, that's a very similar slogan to one of your competitors, lack of originality or just having a pop ?

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