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Thread: The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)

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    The old .375h&h Question (Sorry Boys)


    I have a .375 on the usual condition that I am allowed to polish it on days that don't end in a Y. I have permission on ground that is cleared for the calibre but I am still being refused expanding ammunition on the grounds that I don't have a need. This is because I already own a 30.06.

    Anybody got experience of this or can think of a solution, it would be nice to be able to shoot the thing.


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    I'm assuming it is approved for hunting abroad?

    If yes, just quote the H.O. Firearms guidance back at the local constabulary - problem hopefully solved:

    1. Rifles for this purpose may include bolt-action or double-barrelled rifles of various calibres,often very large and of high (4,000-5,000 foot pounds) muzzle energies. These might include .375 H&H Magnum for Plains Game, calibre's between .375 H&H Magnum and.600 for Big Game, .300 Winchester or greater for bear, and 9.3mm x 74R for boar.
    2. 13.37 The police will wish to be satisfied that an applicant has genuine intentions to use such rifles abroad, though such visits may be infrequent. Zeroing and practicing with non-expanding ammunition may be permitted in the UK, providing a suitable range or land is available. Those who home-load their non-expanding ammunition for such zeroing will also need to test and chronograph it. Some rifles intended for antelope and other plains game may also be suitable for deer, boar or other quarry shooting in this country. Once initial “good reason” has been established for a rifle in shooting “dangerous game”, it may also be considered for shooting the larger deer species and boar in Britain. Expanding ammunition may (must in the case of deer) also be authorised for an applicant whose certificate allows for the rifle also to be used for shooting deer or boar in Britain. Where a shooter experiences difficulties in obtaining “dangerous game” cartridges in the country where that game is to be hunted, arrangements can be made for a dealer to export an appropriate quantity which can be collected by the shooter at the point of embarkation.Individuals may be authorised expanding or non-expanding ammunition in line with typical amounts authorised for use in firearms for target and quarry shooting.
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    As above, worked fine for me, my .308 is my main stalking rifle but the .375 is conditioned for open use in the UK on AOLQ.
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    I have AOLQ on my 9.3X74R, not that much smaller.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    I have just succeeded in a 4 month battle to have the conditions removed for using a 9.3mm in the UK for deer and AOLQ.

    You have "good reason" to own one if you can show that you shoot boar. There is no definition of "regular" basis and the HO guidelines acknowledge that this may be just the occasional trip abroad. Once you have shown this "good reason" then you can further argue you should have it cleared for use with expanding ammunition on deer and AOLQ within the UK.

    I have had some very good advice from this site (look up Dangerous Game calibre and .300WM everyday rifle threads)

    As Tiff has said its paragraphs 10.38 and 13.37 in the HO guidance that hold the key! If they've granted it in the first place they should now allow AOLQ

    Good Luck


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    I had this many years ago but as DT has indicated use HO Guidance.
    Drop me a PM if a more detailed chatter might help.
    You dont need luck!
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    Out of curiosity - what is the largest cartridge most forces will grant without any more than the usual fuss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsettaff View Post
    As Tiff has said its paragraphs 10.38 and 13.37 in the HO guidance that hold the key! If they've granted it in the first place they should now allow AOLQ
    This is good advice. Plus this one:

    13.9 A certificate holder may shoot any quarry that is lawful (where they are authorised to shoot). Whilst guidance is provided, it is the responsibility of the shooter and the shooting community to know what calibre is suitable for which quarry, and when certain quarry is lawful (including the need to obtain or rely upon a licence from the relevant licensing authority to permit the shooting of protected species). Once initial “good reason” has been established for the possession of a firearm, there is no requirement for “good reason” to be demonstrated for additional quarry species or amendments providing the firearms are not underpowered for the species (see also paragraph 13.17). A cartridge should be capable of achieving a humane kill, and it is the responsibility of the shooter to ensure that any excess energy will be absorbed by the backstop. The “any other lawful quarry” condition (which also covers protected species that the certificate holder is licensed to shoot) should be applied. If an applicant is suitable to hold a firearm certificate and is deemed safe to do so, there is no requirement to restrict the quarry they shoot by the use of conditions.

    You can also throw in the instruction to all Constabularies from ACPO FELWG about using AOLQ as contained in this directive:

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    use it for target shooting treat it like a 38-55 use cast


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    From the tone of his post I think the OP wants to get a bit more 'involved' than punching paper. ��

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