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Thread: Gamo/BSA Hornet .22" Air Rifle stalking "trainer"...

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    Gamo/BSA Hornet .22" Air Rifle stalking "trainer"...

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    Hello. I purchased one of these, fitted with a 4x32 BSA AO 'scope and mounts from The Countrystore in Warwickshire. Part of the Knibbs International companies. This was being sold as "ex demo" so as there were three identical even with identical model of 'scope I tested them all at thirty-five yards range on their outdoor facilities. Cost including the 'scope and mounts was 129 collected.

    First off is that the trigger pull is not of the best. There seems no finesse to it and although it wasn't too difficult with good technique of holding through to shoot the rifle the pull was not the best on any air rifle I have ever used. The safety is a push forward paddle, inside the guard, immediately in front of the trigger. It stays off when put off until re-set. So is non automatic as are some modern air rifle safety catches. And the better for being non automatic IMHO.

    OTOH the trigger didn't affect accuracy and indeed having to hold through as you can't really judge when the trigger will break is a good technique improver. You can anticipate when it is just about to go but not quite get the moment of it.

    The cheekpiece on the stock is on BOTH sides so this is, with its safety, a truly ambidextrous gun for those that, unlike me, are left handed.

    Accuracy wise two of the three were "so so" given groups running around 2" to 3" at the distance with Accurate Arms Diablo Field 16 grain pellets. The third one however gave groups of just around 1" to 1 1/2" at that thirty five yard distance. And a "good" group at that one cluster not a tight group plus a flyer to take it out to that 1" to 1 1/2".

    So I purchased it. Value for money. Yes. And indoors very good accuracy indeed performing well with RWS Hyperdome tin pellets, RWS Superdone lead pellets, Eley Wasp in both 5.5mm and 5.6mm sizes and even Pax Guns "Defiant" 5.6mm pellets as well as the Accurate Arms Diablo Field.

    The gun is pretty much "fantastic plastic" in that the stock is plastic, the breech is plastic (with the steel barrel liner inserted inside) as are the sights and lot else of the gun. I have changed the BSA 4x32 AO for a Hawke 4x32 Mil Dot non AO 'scope and the gun remains as accurate as ever and as would be expected.

    Would I recommend buying one as a general "plinking" and back garden pest control gun. Yes, very much, but subject to the ability to do a side by side test of two or three and choose the most accurate. But the real reason for buying it and posting this review is as a "trainer" for myself and my son for stalking. As he has to use an "estate rifle" that is why I chose the mil dot 'scope as an alternative and am happy with the fantastic plastic stock.

    My purpose for being actually to do indoor practice, on bullseye or deer targets with the same 4x magnification 'scope...and so image view of a deer I mostly choose to use on my stalking rifles so that I can practice holding techniques and gain "muscle memory" is the prone, kneeling and standing positions with a rifle that, as near possible, handles like a fullbore stalking rifle.

    This gun fits the bill. At six yards it shoots a one ragged hole cluster with its most accurate pellet choice and so fits the bill perfectly. I've now got to find the formula as I've forgotten it out how to re-size full size deer targets so that I can print them off as how they would appear, through the 4x 'scope, as if at 50, 100, 150, 200 yards when in fact only pasted up at 6 yards.
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    I had one of these. In fact it was my first gun, given to me by my wife about three years ago. I am left handed and it is truly ambidextrous, although when I had the scope zeroed for me, right handed shooters grouped about 2" right of POA at 25yds. As well as giving a taste for shooting, it also gave me a taste for game and I shot my first pigeon, squirrel, rabbit and pheasant with it. I found it grouped best with RWS Superdome pellets.

    I PXd it for a Webley Patriot when I got my FAC. I kind of wish I hadn't as the Patriot hasn't really improved my bag, and it weights about three times as much!
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