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Thread: Hill hind stalking during the monsoon

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    Hill hind stalking during the monsoon

    I'm heading out tomorrow on my first days hind stalking. Woohoo. Thats the good news.

    The bad news, is that the Met Office show a virulent puce shading over the estate indicating the monsoon will be in for the duration and there might be a bit of wind......

    Now I am going with the kit I have, so this is not a 'what trousers/ jacket/ y-fronts are the best' thread.

    And 'stick by the fire with a dram' might be sound advice, but sadly falls on deaf ears.

    What I am after is any wisdom, borne from experience, of small comforts and preparations that I can hastily benefit from before heading into what appears to be a biblical event. Then again, it is Scotland, so I'd best get used to it.

    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    Large flask of hot stew/soup, spare pair of socks and a dry fleece - left in the car/argo/strategic location. To be deployed after coming back off the hill. Changes everything. Buys you about 3 hours of extra life.

    A handful of kitchen towel or tissues, in a sealed freezer bag. Critical for cleaning the lense when you're about to take the shot.

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    Ditto for what Mungo says and for me, keeping my hands dry and warm is top of the list. (Army Gore-Tex mittens over my gloves)

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    A hood and a hat combined as it keeps the water from running down your neck plus stopping the hat being blown away. If not then a towel round your neck (with a spare in the vehicle) and a hat without a brim such as a beanie.


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    Number one is change of gear for when you get back. I also spray slip, gloves and hat with a water repellent and boots get an extra coating of dubbin. Some kitchen roll in a freezer bag to wipe lenses if required. Apart from that, it's Scotland and the weather kind of goes with the turf and if it's that wet it won't matter what you do. Just enjoy it.

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    Thanks for the advice - some good tips which I can use for tomorrow.
    The rain is lashing down already, might stick a snorkel in the bag as well
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    My friend you are going to understand the true definition of moist... I hope for your sake the clothing fits, as you may understand the true meaning of chafe...

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    Remain alert when stalking, the weather may dull the deers senses to your benefit provided you take the opportunity. As above posts stay dry & warm and change of clothes as soon as if wet through.

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    Wills Sounds like you've been there before, a day for your favourite boots not some shiny new ones too

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    I say take some snickers bars with you, no point being cold, wet, tired and hungry.

    Agree with the hat n hood combo, it works.
    I usually wear a base layer under fleece and coat - if it is very wet there is a capillary effect that pulls water up your sleeves from your gloves. most irritating.

    P.S. Kitchen roll is meant for kitchens not wiping precision lenses.
    There is a reason scopes come with microfiber cloths....Kitchen roll has all sorts of bits of abrasive in them, might as well take emery paper and once those scratches are in you will lose the beading effect and end up with a messy lens that is never the same.
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