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Thread: Is there an SD member who lives near Wellingborough who could do me a favour?

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    Is there an SD member who lives near Wellingborough who could do me a favour?

    Hi There

    A US friend of mine is very interested in buying a Parker 16 gauge side by side from the gun cupboard gun shop located in Wellingborough Northhampshire.

    Due to the distance and cost involved in shipping it to the us I was wondering if any SD member would like to help and exercise so retail therapy on his behalf and check the gun out in person. It is relatively low value and seems to be in a used but fair condition but he just wants to make sure there are no big issues such as very thin barrel walls, loose action, cracked stock etc. Some more pictures would be great.

    let me know.

    Many thanks


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    I'm not that far away but I'm not that clued up on shotguns. If anyone closer with more experience can't help I'll gladly mooch over and take some photos and cast an eye over it mate,

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    Thanks for the offer Stratts

    TH4 (Trevor) has kindly offered to take a look on Saturday.



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