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Thread: Boar Shooting

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    Boar Shooting

    There are a lot of Boar around my area at the moment, with several distinct family groups that seem to have moved in to feed on the chestnut, beech and acorn harvest. I have been watching this group for some time, but have had no luck from high seats, there has been no activity during daylight hours looking at my cameras, and stalking them at night in the woods is very challenging with all the leaves on the ground at present. I bagged this one last night having tracked the group for about 2 hrs using TI along the wood margins from an adjacent field. I chose a clearing on their projected path with a good safe backdrop, and simply waited until they appeared. Shot taken on sticks at about 90 yds from adjacent field hedgerow, using NV. Hit was behind left ear and there was plenty of time to take the shot as they were all busy slowly rooting around. Many thanks to my farmer mate for the quad and trailer extraction - it would have been a long drag out. I hope I got the one that trashed my lawn the other night!!
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    Nice one , with a month till Christmas some nice eating , would like to catch one out in our forest up here .


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    Not knowing anything about boar that looks small. Is that a yearling or older?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    It looks similar age to the boar I had. I think mine were about ten or eleven months old.

    In case you don't know and are intending to convert this yourself the received wisdom on here is to skin boar.

    I was not wise or informed and spent the best part of a day with a propane torch and triangular paint scraper doing my two. The upside was that they looked nice and pink at the end of the process and my butcher mate said they looked almost as clean as domestic pigs. The crackling was good too.

    Next time though I will skin and forego the crackling. The meat was amazing, fresh and light, like lamb is to mutton these were to pork.


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    Older. The photo's a bit misleading. Here it is later on ready for dressing.
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    I'd say between 2-3years. Shot a similar one last year and my local butcher turned it into enough joints to fill one of those blue Ikea bags, and 60lb of sausages!!

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    Blimey looks twice the size in that photo! Though the image is distorted on my system it still looks a different beast.


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    Yup definitely looks bigger. Great extraction vehicle btw. Lol.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Does your butcher take them on as-is or do you need to skin/shave them?

    Do you usually go for "behind the ear" if you can?


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    My butcher is great and will take deer with skin on, but for Boar I skin and dress them, and remove the head and feet. I'll go for a neck shot up to 100 yds, any further and I'll go for heart/lungs.

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