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Thread: Arran, recollections and reflections

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    Smile Arran, recollections and reflections...not shooting

    I'm on holiday in Arran just now and comparing the here and now with past times...
    Goat never seemed to be so high and so steep.
    Brodick beach... where's it gone? (coastal erosion combined with loads of sand being removed and sold in the 60's so it seems). It's all in a bad way now,worry about flooding.
    Blackwaterfoot sand dunes...not much left,more coastal erosion.

    Back "in the day" (late 60's early 70's in my case) it was...
    Get the 10am ferry and get into the bar soon as boat sailed and bar opened.
    Untying the motorbike from where the deckhands had lashed it to the wall on the ferry then working through the cars to get to the front & tear off soon as the ramp went down and getting shouted at by deckhands in the process.
    Going straight to the pub.
    Setting up the tent at Strathwhillan farm in the wind and rain and under the influence.
    Going to see Thin Lizzy, Slade and Nazareth in Lamlash or Whiting Bay or Brodick.
    Wakening up wet and hungover in the tent next day with ears still ringing from Nazareth (I blame them not my shooting for the tinnitus).
    Having sore feet 'cos I'd forgotten my shoes and just had motorbike boots all week.
    Getting back home tired hung over and skint to face the parents.
    Going to see the Stones in Greens playhouse the following week then the Incredible String Band in Edinburgh and trying to catch up on studying for the exams.
    Happy Days

    Had and still having a great holiday in a nice warm cottage,not missing the tent at all .

    ps.. if you are visiting Brodick these days I can recommend Fiddlers restaurant,good live music and terrific food like local Blackface sheep gigot chop. Not cheap but a really good place.
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    If you like sea food , try the sea food platter at The best western kinloch hotel its a gut buster

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    I love Arran but only been going there for the last ten years but have had some great times with friends there.

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    First time for me was early seventies. I borrowed a Maxi from my brother-in-law and a mate and I drove up arriving on the ferry lines just in time to see the crew bouncing a Mini round sideways in order to close the doors of the last ferry, grr!

    We parked in pole position and being a maxi put the front seats down to make a bed. And I hardly slept a wink all night 'cos of the row around the harbour. Finally at five I dropped off only to be woken seconds later by some guy in a yellow jacket saying "come on get on the boat"! I leapt out in my sleeping bag and there was the ferry drawn up, lights ablaze, doors open, aargh! I grabbed my jeans and started pulling them on looked back up the ferry lines and there was a couple of hundred pairs of eyes watching me get dressed! Great start to the holiday!

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    The uncle was a stalker/keeper there and ive heard him mention Brodick quite a bit.Some great stories and great shooting by all accounts,and a fair lashing of bevvy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crouch valley View Post
    I love Arran but only been going there for the last ten years but have had some great times with friends there.
    Not to mention the basking shark

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