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    Question Left handed

    Hi how many of you are Lefthanded and use proper lefthanded rifles/shotguns.I use a l/h beretta o/u and a CZ 425 .22RF My .223 m595 is r/h also my.270 Sako A111 . this never seems to be a problem. What are your views.

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    Same here.

    Got L/Hand shotgun but right hand rifles. I have a left hooker 22-250 somewhere but i have not shot for a while.

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    got a left handed browning 525 late last year. Even without a stock extension it is the best move I have ever made in my shotgun shooting.

    I have also got a left handed Sako AV in 270 but since I have got it I have not even fired it. I must remedy that soon.

    Previously I had always used right handed rifles and something that the guy said at McCleods. He said I am left handed and have always used a right handed rifle. Most of the time you can get away with it except for when you want to keep you eye on a target and reload fast.

    When I thought about it, he is absolutely right.

    I then changed to a left handed gun.


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    Left hooker as well.
    I have a LH 223 Tikka 595, a LH 6.5 Tikka 690, a LH CZ452 American .22, a RH CZ452 HMR Varmint, a LH B25 browning 20 bore, a LH Berretta 687 'Classic' and a RH T hepplestone sidelock. i have never been able to hit a thing with the sidelock whether thats because of the stock cast or maybe it's just me, who knows.
    I can pick up a right handed rifle and as long as it hasn't got a big cheek piece i can shoot it without thinking about it ( the same way you pick up a single/double trigger shotgun without thinking about it) i shot competetive clays for years with a RH lincoln.
    For shooting of a bipod it's easier to use a right hand rifle as you can keep your hand on the pistol grip and cycle the bolt without moving. it is a pain trying to buy LH rifles. they cost more when you buy them then are worth less when you want to sell them.


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    Another one of gods children here. I have a left handed o/u and straight stocked s/s. I use a pistol left handed. My .22LR and .308 are right handed. However I have a .223 which I shoot right handed, rather odd of me!

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    hi another lefty here,i have no problems really as ezzy said if on sticks easy to cycle bolt but i have started to reach round with my left hand to cylce that way.the only difficulty is being companied on stalks i have to set sticks on the other side of my guide to right handed shooters to keep rifle in the right direction or sit on the other side of the high seat

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    Another lefty.A relative who was in the D-day landings was a lefty too.The army trainers gave up trying to convert him and as he shot damn well they gave him any other lefties to train. Seems there was a bit of a rush on to get guy's through the training for some reason
    It's not so good when I want a fast follow up shot with a right hand rifle but otherwise no problems.


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    Another lefty:

    Got AYA Yeoman S/S with stock adjusted for a L/H, Beretta 686E L/H, Bereta Urika Semi with ajusters for L/H, but with R/H action, Ruger 10/22 for a righty (no L/H available), CZ HMR L/H, Tikka T3 6.5 x 55 L/H.

    Thinking of changing the 10/22 and CZ for a Sako Quad with .22 and HMR barrels, but only available in R/H.



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    me 9 i shoot right handed shot guns but my tikka t3 6.5 is a left handed even though i shot right handed rifles up untill 2 years ago !


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    Have also always shot left handed as left eye dominant, albeit right handed. Have a heym sr20 .243 with the handle on the correct side. Have used plenty of right handed rifles without too many problems, but much prefer to have the bolt on the correct side. Now also use a combination gun in 7x65r that is ambidextrous.

    I do have an old Brno 22 that is right handed, sometime wil get around to changing it to left handed one.

    Shotguns are more of an issue. I have an old aya coral, which ihad cast on for a left hander. I can hit anything with it. Give me a gun with right handed cast and any bird is safe. Got a benelli nova for use on the foreshore with non toxic shot-- can, t hit a thing with it.

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