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Thread: Dog kennel drainage

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    Dog kennel drainage

    Due to do new kennel area and require a drain with internal basket to catch debris hair and bedding that gets washed into it anyone know of anything available
    cheers Norma

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    I just sink an old bucket (althou done the ast 1 with big drainage pipe which seems to work well as water eventually seeps out of sump in long dry spells and u can clean the dry carp out easier) in as a sump and concrete round it if needed and knock/drill ur outlet just below the top. If it's going into a trap i weldmesh/rabbbit net the outlet hole too and have the trap next to the sump.

    Bit ruff and ready but it works, do all my drains that way, even where i wash pick up/quad and never have any bother with silt/crud as long as u empty the sump every now and again

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    Something like this ?
    A lot of shower drains come with hair traps.

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