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Thread: What tripod for spotting scope?

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    What tripod for spotting scope?


    I want a new tripod for my spotting scope. I will also want to be able to use it for my video camera.

    I have seen a few and would like a one with a fluid, ball type head.

    What can you recommend. I am looking to spend no more than 150.


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    I just bought a Sirui tripod and ball head this week for work, my setup cost about 400 and is seriously better than the Manfrotto it replaced. They do a smaller version which would probably be ideal for what you want for 90. They're amazing quality for the price. SIRUI T-005X Tripod with Ballhead - Black/Aluminium: Camera Photo

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    It depends very much on the application you're going to put it to. -
    For prone / bench shooting the old fashioned folding target scope stands are great & are hard to beat - I use one with an old heavy duty pan & tilt head on it. Rock solid & will hold the heaviest scope.
    For standing up viewing, the Manfrotto 055 tripod (45 new on ebay for the basic ones, a bit more for the ones with tilt flexibility in the centre column adjustment) married to a heavy duty ball head with QD top plate (15 or 20Kg capacity again on ebay about 20) is a very good option, again very solid & these new ball heads are very smooth & secure.
    Fluid heads are great but strong ones cost a fortune even second hand!
    The type of spotting scope again determines which tripod to go for -- Straight in line eyepiece scopes need a much higher tripod than the angled ones.
    Get the heaviest rated tripod & mount that you can comfortably carry - lightweight ones are too flexible & prone to vibration.


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    Manfrotto or Slik D3 or similar, very stable and top quality, although not always the lightest, you don't get very light, and very stable.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post

    Very nice indeed - but not sure it meets all criteria at a grand a pop.....makes the Swaro carbon tripod seem exceptional value.....!!
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    Aldi are doing a useful model next week with pan and tilt head etc . for 12.99.
    Why pay an idiotic price for such a basic bit of gear ?


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    I use a Cullmann Nanomax 400t tripod (45-55 on amazon) for video recording and laser ranger finding accurately way out there - I'm sure it would also work well with a spotting scope.
    cullmann-foto // DETAIL

    It has a surprisingly robust feel (for the money) and the legs can deploy wide enough to ensure it doesn't get buffeted around by the wind or muzzle blast:
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    What about a primo trigger stick, they can take optics and cameras.


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