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Thread: Gun stock refurb

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    Gun stock refurb


    Was going to refurb my gun stock. Wanting bit of advice. On whats the process on working with the wood? Like which oils too choose? Order in which too put them on? If they give dark or light finish? how much coats too give? Stuff like that.
    I roughly know how too do it but before i start was going to check if u guys had some tips or tricks on how too achive the best results.

    cheers pablo
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    This is the stuff I use, myself. It works great either to condition the wood, or to use as a finish from scratch. I jsut work it in with my palm & polish to a sheen. Takes a wee while, but there are no shortcuts really. Tru Wax is another good one to seal the wood, and if you want a 'best' finish Tru Oilis apparently great. I have it, but I've not used it as I reckon it'll take forever & I don't like a gloss finish
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    What kind of rifle is it? The first thing you need to know is what the current finish is.

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    I was assuming it was an oiled finish as that's what Pablo mentioned he wanted advice with?

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    Yes oiled. Taking it right back too the wood with sand paper and re-apply new. Reason is stock got couple scratches amd dings ad like to try take out get rid of it i can.

    Its a shot gun im doing.
    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    I'd use wire wool & white spirit rather than sandpaper? You'll probably find the sandpaper clogs up quite quickly. The white spirit will help strip the oil & the wire wool won't excessively mark the wood. Then once the oil has been stripped back any dings can be taken out with a damp cloth & a hot iron. The damp heat should restore the fibres of the wood where the dents are. You probably won't get them all out perfectly, but a few wee dings here & there adds character I recko. Good luck with it

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    Buy the Trade Secret kit and follow the instructions. There is loads of tips for steaming etc to remove dinks etc on you tube.


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    First thing you need is time if you finish in under a month you rushed it.

    Oils I make my own but Trade secret is very good for an off the shelf product. Tru oil is carp and has no place near a gunIMHO, it looks ok if done well for a short time but as it's varnished base it will chip like varnish and spoil the look, it's also harder to repair than a true oil finish.

    Process strip old finishes and then sand down to at least 320 grit raise grain and knock with 400 grit. Stain if needed, seal the grain and buff with 0000 wire wool until grain is filled. Apply oil and rub up once tacky repeat the oiling once a day for at least 2 weeks or until required finish is reached. Set to one side until oil is hard 10 days normally. Burnish if desired.

    You can also bone the wood but good ribs are harder to find and not totally needed.

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    Hi All,

    I've got an old parker hale rifle with it's original laquered finish, it's in good condition but I'd much prefer an oiled finish. Are there any top tips for striping it off or just a tin of nitromorse.



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    Nitro morse has turned a bit limp I've gone to a dip tank but people say they get very good results with B&Q own brand Dial stripper.

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