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Thread: Ati strikeforce stocks for ruger 10/22

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    Ati strikeforce stocks for ruger 10/22

    Hi guys I have a few of these ATI stocks to fit a standard ruger 10/22

    Brand New

    I have Black and Tan ones in stock

    £145 posted UK mainland

    I have one of these myself and they are well made. Handy for teaching the kids to shoot as you can adjust the length of pull.

    Advanced Technology(ATI) Ruger® 10/22® Stock

      • Equipped with the Scorpion recoil system
      • Built of extreme-temperature glass-reinforced polymer
      • Loaded with Picatinny rails
      • Improved pivot assembly

    Built to exceed your tactical demands, the ATI Ruger 10/22 Stock isequipped with the Scorpion recoil system and a six-position collapsible andside-folding buttstock. This advanced recoil system delivers optimal controland comfort with its nonslip, removable Scorpion Razorback recoil pad and itsergonomic, sure-grip-textured Scorpion recoil pistol grip. Combined, theyabsorb the impact of recoil, reduce muzzle lift for fast target acquisitions,and they keep you in full control at all times. Built of DuPont®extreme-temperature glass-geinforced polymer, the chemical-resistant bodyremains flexible in extreme temperatures, and its design removes limitationsfrom spring and piston-type recoil suppression systems. Loaded with Picatinnyrails, this stock features one 4" rail, three 2" rails, one 2"swivel-stud rail and they come with black covers. Improved pivot assembly. Ventilationin forend and top cover. Removable, adjustable cheekrest comes with anindustrial-grade, self-adhesive Soft Touch pad. Other features include atactical sling attachment slot, drop-tube adapter and three swivel studs.Mounting hardware included. Made in USA. Does not accommodate riflesequipped with bull barrels.

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    Any interest? PM for more info

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