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    Just a quick one. Has anybody ordered bullets from Alpinhunting.
    They have some 9.3 lapua megas at a very good price.
    Whats the legality of ordering from Europe?



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    Legality is fine. But good luck dealing with them. Thankfully I paid with paypal who refunded me after 6 weeks. Lots of unanswered emails to the company. Try 'shootingsupplies' instead, bullets here after three days.

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    Thanks Tramp.
    The other company doesn't do 9.3mm bullets. I will give them an email.


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    pm on the way to you Jon.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Got a bipod and a couple of cases of brass off them - the saving on the pod all but paid for the brass! Came as expected after 10 days.

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    I tried to order a GRS stock from them. I registered and waited for my "new customer 10% discount" which never arrived. No emails were answered either. Close shave I feel.

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