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Thread: Sl5-308

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    Anybody have a ase utra sl5 on a 308 how's the noise reduction,I have a ase north star on my tikka 22-250 super varmint and it's great at moderating the noise,I have been assured that the sl5 will do a great job on my 308,it just looks really small

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    i had one on my 25-06 was't impressed!!! i could see this big silver blob on the end also it added and felt like 1 kg on the front of rifle so again not nice , i'v got a t8 now on .308 but only as a light mod was't out when i got it, the next will be the hardy gen 4 very nice and light as on other post the ring that comes with it dos't have to be fitted i have got one on the 6.5x47 very happy adds nowt and slimmer but this is just 2 p worth. In this day and age we don't have to have heavy mods. I also i found it easy to start the thread wrong with the ultra in the dark rifle was a tikka

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    I never had an issue with the SL5 i always found it balanced nicely and never thaught there was a brick on the end of the barrel

    as as for noise reduction it did its job

    the SL5 is a good compact mod that'll last virtually forever

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    Thanks for the input guys.markfox glad it's doing the job I got the stainless model so hopefully no rust issues,like you say should last forever.paul o as my scope will sit higher because of the sig ssg 3000 it should not see that much in the scope the rifle weighs 12lb so not an issue just worried about the report,had a problem finding a mod because the thread size is 5/8-24,the only one I could find was the sl5

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    enjoy it feller as said my 2p worth and why i think they are't very good each to there own .

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    Thanks paulo just hope it's not a waste of money

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    I have one on my. Sako A7 and it's excellent - the only downside is that it gets hot quickly when zeroing but aside from multiple shots in a short period of time.

    It's very portable and does less to upset the balance of he rifle than the bigger heavier ones.

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    Tarponhead you are right about the balance,it won't make any difference to the sis ssg as the weight of the rifle is 12 lbs,I am more concerned about the noise level every thing I have seen on the net says that there very efficient reducing the report of the rifle,it just looks really small the sig will be in any time soon so looking foreward to picking it up

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    I have one on a .308 and its been excellent, the muzzle report is tamed very well for such a compact moderator and the build quality is very good-it's going to last for ever in normal use.
    As stated above they get very hot, my local shop ordered a cover from Jackson rifles for a tenner which works very well in cutting out the heat haze. ASE produce one in Nomex but its expensive.

    I fail to see how a T8 can feel any better being around 70% heavier, 5mm wider and extending the same 98mm past the muzzle.


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    Bennyblanco my sigs coming with a 18" barrel I wanted to keep it as short as poss, I had a t8 on my remmy it was great but wanted something different and smaller,I'm glad that you think it is excellent,it's nice to know that some people are having good experiences with the sl5 ,thanks

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