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Thread: Nissan Navara Aventura

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    Nissan Navara Aventura

    Does any one own one, if so what do you think of them? A mate of mine as recently bought one on a 06 reg, it looks a nice truck and comes fully loaded, nothing it hasn't got. I'm now thinking of getting one myself.

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    I have one and its brilliant. I get 33 to the gallon and I drive it hard. It takes a huge amount of gear and as you say it has all the toys. Its a great piece of kit.


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    New shape Acenta and Tekna available late March/April
    Improved power and better fuel consumption, exterior cab guard available what more would you want.
    I`m placing an order for the Acenta

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    And i nearly went for a Ford,lol but never considered an L200. Hey ho

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    Wife and child going in classifieds to pay for one

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    I bought one brand new FEB 09 the clutch lasted 300 miles, they tried to fix it but couldn't and then tried to fob me off with excuse's until i explained the business i was in, Then i was offered my money back which i took. The dealer said between me and him they were a heap of s**t but great for them with all the warranty claims (ie. clutch replacements,rear wheelbearing's, paint work defects and electrical faults).


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    And get what instead Barry??

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    Toyota Hilux? Had mine for 2.5 years and done over 94,000 miles in it, all trouble free except a new set of injectors. Mine is the 3.0 D4D engine and auto gearbox. I get on average 30mpg and is very comfortable to drive.

    In fact going to clock up another 350 miles today as I'm off to Bedfordshire for another go on some CWD.

    My only pet hate about the vehicle is the bodywork, especially the bumpers, are so flimsy. my front bumper is nearly hanging off after a few minor bumps into logs and fence posts!

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    I would go for a HIlux i've had them for year's now and they all have been trouble free motoring, A slightly cheaper alternative is the Isuzu Rodeo they haven't got the ground clearance of the Hilux but are quite reliable.
    Unfortunately there isn't a perfect vehicle out there they all have issue's. Just some have a lot more than others.

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