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Thread: Speer JHPBT Match Bullets .224

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    Speer JHPBT Match Bullets .224

    Evening All,

    Firstly a short apology regarding my previous wanted thread for AMAX. Sorry. Obviously had my head in the clouds after reading up on availability.

    Moving on, does anyone hold any quantity of Speer Match Bullets .224 52 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Boat Tail that they would sell or know of an outlet that stocks said bullet?

    Yours Aye,


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    If its any help I have about 130 Hornady .224 52GR BTHP Match which I am happy to sell. Also have 60 Sierra Matchking 53gr HP match availablem if any use?


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    J, you have a PM. Many thanks, J

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    Sportsman Gun Centre have Sierra 52gn hpbt or 53gn hp, both Match so can be posted

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    Thanks. Now all sorted.

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