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    Camo jacket

    Hi, I'm after a camo jacket for when I'm walking the dogs. I like to keep my stalking clothing separate from day to day ware. I don't want to go down the eBay route and don't want to but new as not worth it due to walking dogs only.
    whats availed out there.... Size small or medium make permitting must be in good condition.
    I ain't after the old army camo gear type, I no there is nothing wrong with it just not the style I'm after.

    Let me no please.

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    Ive got one of these Martin - its the only camouflaged jacket I own now

    Had it for over 6 years now and its the best jacket I've owned - you need an under layer if its really heavy rain - I wear a Paramo smok under it if thats the case..

    They ship to the UK, the guy that runs the company is ex Canadian military and doesn't sell or produce rubbish.

    Id buy another in a heart beat, (if I ever needed a replacement)

    Im just under 6 ft and a shade under16 stone and a large is just the right size by the way (if you decided to order)
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    Cheers andy, I didn't want to spend that much mate as only for walking the dogs.

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    Should of been more specific, I'm thinking along the lines of real tree pattern

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