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Thread: First Fallow - To Stalk or Not to Stalk

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    First Fallow - To Stalk or Not to Stalk

    On a day when most in the South of England would hunker down batten the hatches and prepare the sand bags to shore up the flood defenses, I packed the rifle and extra gear (jackets, wellies and snorkel) into the car and headed out for a days stalking with Robin & Geoff from Kent & Sussex Deer Control, in pursuit of my first Fallow.

    Having stalked with Robin before (in the buck season) I knew we would be on a buck or doe today, as I before we had stalked into plenty of fallow previously, regrettably all does and out of season, and only a brief opportunity on two sorrels for which I only have myself to blame in spectating and admiring the view for too long.

    After a morning in the high seat with Geoff in the soaking rain I think the only thing drier than us both was the sense of humor that can only be shared by like-minded shooters. Despite the showing of many deer as luck would always have it the never stood or picked the only spot behind a branch to not make the shot.

    Despite my misfortune my college on foot with Robin was successful and managed to grass a lovely large doe, to big for manual extraction and Geoff was dispatched to retrieve the Quad to enable extraction. This done we set off for a well-deserved breakfast after which I would be on foot stalking with Robin and my college would take the seat with Geoff.

    The afternoon started with us bumping a young fawn buck which we decided to leave for now as we were hopeful of better prospects further in and knowing his ground Robin said we would likely catch this buck up later and could take him then as he wanted him off as he had been left after his mother, a 3 legged doe had been taken the week before.

    True to form we staked into a group of does and prickets, and with a nice melanistic doe presenting a shot the round was down range and the doe was down. A quick reload left us checking to see if another presented a shootable opportunity, nothing on and we stood and let things settle before walking in on the downed doe.
    Gralloch done and my first fallow on the books we stalked on, finding the young buck bumped earlier we stalked in on him to with in 30 yards with him feeding happily until we could get a safe shot to dispatch this young buck before he faced a winter on his own.
    With two down and the sun making a welcome appearance we headed back to the vehicle to begin the extraction of the two beasts.

    Many thanks to Robin & Geoff for another excellent day who despite the sever weather warning arrived bang on time, bright and cheery with a cup of java, ready to deliver another memorable day.

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    Congratulations Dave, a nice story and a good day for all.


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    Hi David thanks for the nice write up, i enjoyed your company in the high seat, just a shame that the branches got in the way of a shot, would you believe that yesterday i had a complete novice with me in the same seat who managed to bag a nice buck and a doe in the space of around five minutes
    talk about beginners luck, cheers Geoff.Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi David,
    I am glad you enjoyed the day again, we really deserved those results given the conditions.
    the deer have to be there somewhere we just have to find them.
    As you seem to bring extremes of weather conditions, I expect when you come on the 4th December we will have a snow storm to hunt in,
    so everyone be warned.
    Bye the way the Sorrel Buck that was shot yesterday was one of the two you had a chance on when you came the first time,
    the other one is still there with his does.
    Thanks for your company and the fact that you can stalk quietly even in those conditions.
    Look forward to seeing you next month.

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    Thanks Robin for the kind words, lets hope we have the opportunity to stalk into a nice buck on the 4th. Looking forward to the read the book you mentioned, al, the best the the 4th.



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