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Thread: Why is Ventile the preffred cloth of Harry Potter??

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    Why is Ventile the preffred cloth of Harry Potter??

    Before I shell out cú275 on a smock please convince me of this cloth's magical properties.


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    Not magical just amazing, try the link below for a better explanation

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    Dunno about Harry Potter but many early explorers & serious mountain climbers survived (including me) because they used it - In the plural form "double ventile" always was the ultimate outer protection in severe conditions. Windproof, waterproof, breathable, very tough & tear resistant, with a nice feel to it.
    It always was expensive - I saved up for 2 years to buy mine in the sixties - it was well worth it too.
    It would be good to see some side by side comparisons with modern materials of similar weight.


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    What about a Paramo Velez Smock - sure thats a "ventile" product - while not as spend as the Hilltreck stuff it keeps me dry…..had mine for years and regular Nikwax wash keeps it good to go.

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    Yesterday over the lakes, rained solidly while 3 of us were attempting to flush all the pipes between lakes out.
    4 hours of dragging a 3 inch pump and plenty of heavy hose about, I was wearing double ventile jacket and trousers
    both over 20 years old, my accomplices were wearing the latest gore tex fishing clothing, bib and brace with a jacket.
    Once we had finished and put all the gear away I put the kettle on in the container and took my jacket off, yup I was
    the only one still dry and comfortable, no leaks and no sweat.
    So much for the latest and very expensive waterproofs.


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    An amazing fabric and stands up very well to the rigours of the countryside compared to modern materials.
    Disadvantges are that it will become heavy in rain, and also due to the nature of the fabric, it becomes very stiff.

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    I've had a Black's orange double Ventile anorak since about 1979 when it was a luxury item for climbers/mountaineers, and it was secondhand when I bought it. The 1953 Everest expedition tents were made of Ventile, and I think I'm right in saying my son used Ventile tents on the Antarctic Polar icecap.
    Its a great material best in cold dry, windy conditions and snow. When you have very heavy rain, yes the fibres swell up but don't assume you'll stay dry. No cotton cloth will do that. I notice that the manufacturer in the link advises a waterproofing spray.
    Having said that its a nice material to wear, and at least you won't get soaked with sweat from the inside and its a bloody sight cheaper than Swazi kit
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    Just posted a note to Hogwarts from Platform 9-3/4 asking "should it be a Country Innovations, Hilltrek or Snowslead smock?"

    Will keep an eye out for a winged messenger.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    I've used a Snowsled jacket in the Scottish mountains for over 15 years and nothing has got through it. A very quiet fabric and repairable with a needle and thread. You can keep your Gortex.

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    It's not! Harry Potter prefers Goretex.

    Here he is wearing his cloak of invisibility.

    Click image for larger version. 

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