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    Finally arrived

    After submitting my portfolio last December, getting it rejected on 2 ICR's, re submitting, waiting an age for my witness and assessor to have a diary gap. I had notification in September that I'd passed the criteria for level 2, I deceived to chase DMQ for my cert on Monday and was informed that it had been sent out to my old address because BDS had not informed them of my address change.

    mandy asked for a new photo and had a new cert and badge sent out which arrived yesterday, I know it's only a piece of paper but it's good to have in my hand.

    I'd like to thank Simon (Prometheus) for getting me through a very protracted set of 5ICR's.

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    Congratulations CH, you certainly encountered some problems along the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjb1956 View Post
    Congratulations CH, you certainly encountered some problems along the way!
    Thanks, what does kill you.... and all that....! Had a good time doing it and every missed or retaken ICR is just more experience and another excuse to get out.

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    why did they reject the 2 ??? it may help someone else out

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    It shouldn't happen again, since DMQ issued updated witness notes, but on two of my stalks the witness was stood back about 20-30m so he didn't spook the cull animal. One of them was only for the gralloch as I'd just stalked about a K into an out of season fallow buck, then stalked a muntie just after. I also had to get an answer to questioning about humane dispatch reviewed by Dave Goffin, the assessor told me it was inhumane to usethoracic sticking, even though I pointed out that it was in the DI best practice...!

    the notes now are worded to slightly differently because the assessor did not take them in the spirit they originally written in. They allow distance between witness and candidate but still within reason, so the witness still needs to be able to call a halt to proceedings if required to.

    Hope pes that helps a little.

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