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Thread: Cumbria. Border stalkers rifle shoots 2010.

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    Cumbria. Border stalkers rifle shoots 2010.

    All shoots to be held at Bowscar, Cumbria as in previous years. [Edited to say `Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria`.]
    Spring shoot, April 18th.
    Summer shoot, June 20th.
    Autumn shoot, August 15th.
    Main event 12 shots, course of fire similar to the DMQ shooting test.
    Pool shoots running all day. Free raffle for a bottle of Scotch.
    Bring a prize if you wish, every entrant gets something as we are a non-profit making group.
    FAC and INSURANCE required.

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    Whats the min calibre Hubert?

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    Anything which is legal for Roe in England as the main target is that species.


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    That counts me out then as I normally shoot 22-250 on Roe in Scotland

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    As we call ourselves `Border Stalkers` it would only be fair to include Scottish legislation also so feel free to turn up.


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    Thanks H, might try and get along.

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    What time of day do you usualy meet up

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    Sorry for late reply, I hadn`t checked this topic.
    We usually start about 10am or as soon as I get a detail of four persons together.
    Sometimes people want to check their zero on the pool shoot before entering the main event.
    Weather prospects look favourable.


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    Local forecast for tomorrow is sun and clouds so we may get lucky.

    For our Bowscar site near Penrith come off the M6 at Junction 41 and take road to Penrith, when you reach the tree covered roundabout imagine you are a bird and could fly over for the road ahead going up-hill is the road to Bowscar and is signposted `Bowscar`. The white `Stoneybeck Inn` is to your left.
    Continue up the hill and the road bears to the right and passes a forest area, further on the road is straight with a forest and `T` junction in front of you. At this point you have arrived as the green containers and the gate on the left are part of the range.
    I hope the rabbits are on holiday ! Photo from the 100yd firing point shooting downhill.


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    Report of yesterdays Border Stalkers shoot at Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria.

    As expected weather conditions were good with sun although it was rather chilly.
    Competitors were late to arrive and not as numerous as anticipated. The last to arrive after being on duty the previous evening was David Hartley the eventual winner who posted an excellent score of 119 ex 120 points. [ Grouping 29/30 and Roebuck 90/90 ]
    He was winner of both the open Mike Newby Decanter and the Northwest Shield.

    Main Event, 3 Shots grouping and 9 shots Roebuck at various distances and positions.

    Leading 5 places as follows :-

    1. D. Hartley 119/120, [29+90]
    2. P. Atkins 118/120, [30+88]
    3. W. Wykes 118/120, [29+89]
    4. J. Wolfe 117/120, [28+89]
    5. K. Story 115/120, [26+89]

    2 shot 130 yard precision Pool Shoot, Bullseye 1cm, [possible 20/20] .

    1. E. Neasham 18/20 .
    2. K. Story 17/20 .
    3. J. Wolfe 17/20 .
    4. A. Wood 17/20 .
    5. D. Hartley 16/20 .

    Free raffle for a bottle of Scotch, T. Pickersgill .

    All in all a good day with some excellent scores .
    Our thanks to those who assisted as range officers etc.


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