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    Can I ask the great and good on this site. I was out this morning and came across a doe and follower. They were skylined but in a mature wood. Every now and again they walked in front of a large tree (big pine). I didn't but would anyone have felt comfortable using the tree as a backstop?


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    Not for me, possibility of that bullet coming out at any angle. I have left a good few now to go on their way as the shot wasn't on, as they say there's always another day!



    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Attachment 49198 Depends how big the tree is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    Attachment 49198 Depends how big the tree is.

    And the range, how close it is to the tree + what amo I am using



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    impossible to answer
    would I use trees as a backstop? Yes, frequently do with targets
    would I use your tree? no idea,
    range? shot position? bullet used? distance between target and tree?, elevation?, geography behind, beside trees?

    far to many variable to offer anything other than bar stool advice

    if you made the choice not to shoot then that was the best choice to be made at the time.

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    About 50 yards away tree was 2-2.5 ft across, 6.5x55 129gr sst. Deer were about 3 foot in front.

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    had it not been a skyline shot, and with a firm rest like bipod or such, I'd probably use the tree, but in your case, sounds like you made a sensible choice

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    thanks guys, it felt unsafe so followed my gut reaction. Just checking. As Jackfish says there is always another day and now another reason to get out there!


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    You should never feel bad about shots not taken. If it doesn't feel right don't shoot. There will always be another chance another day.

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