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Thread: Portable mifi advice

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    Portable mifi advice

    Hi folks

    Right I'm working more & more in far flung places.... In saudi just now & bad things etc but one of em is going into desert for few days for a job & no contact with home , wife n kids ... Ok can get a mobile signal but just a text etc as costs prohibitive

    Guy here showed me his " huawei portable mifi"

    Smaller than a phone , stick in a local Dara SIM card and as long as 3G or 4G signal you get wifi !

    Now handy to phone home see kids etc , but also get the SD when in desert !!!

    Anyone got any advice tips on these things before I buy summit not suitable ?

    This mobile wifi new to me


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    Can't help on your mifi dongle bit sorry.

    I use whatsapp and viber as my brother lives in Australia there feed to down load and use at any time.
    whatsapp is a text message app only can send multiple messages inc picture messages.
    Viber is a call system free calls and a good line. Just need to use Internet connection.

    Both for example you and the mrs's need to both down load the apps for to work.

    Hope it helps.

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    They work fine with Skype but make sure you buy a sim unlocked one

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    Hi Paul

    i have used them for years, call me and i will tell you about them, i even probably have one here you can have. Now i just use the iphone, it does it anyway!

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    They work quite well, if you don't go mad downloading movies and TV pros, we use them up to 25 miles off shore in the Caspian Sea, and no complaints for the most part. My lad uses one in Saudi, offshore, again it works fine on the Saudi network. Skype/Facetime both good especially during the hours when local net traffic is lower.

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    Cheers guys
    I have skype , viber , what's app etc already .... All work if you have a wifi signal but I'm working up to 5 hrs out in desert .... There is 3G etc so I can text on cellular network but expensive from a UK sim

    So thinking use the 3G with a local pay as go data card , buy one if these mifi things & convert to wifi ..... Then can skype viber etc etc

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    Depending on what phone you have you may be able to use your phone. I use mine as an internet hotspot in my uni accomodation so that I don't have to pay separate wifi bills. Works just the same as a dongle, just make sure you have an unlimited data contract on the sim you use as the bills will mount up pretty fast if you dont. Not as fast as 'proper' wifi, but good enough for emails, stalking directory, fb, streaming music and the occasional episode of scrubs etc so should be fine for skype or whatever. Just get a local data only sim and put that in your phone when you want to use the internet. There are loads of videos on how to set it all up on youtube. Just make sure your phone is unlocked though...

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