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Thread: Warm and waterproof Gloves

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    Warm and waterproof Gloves

    Can anyone recommend any decent warm and waterproof gloves please. Had a miserable time in the high seat this week as my hands were freezing and I was in alot of pain due to the numbness and burning sensation due to cold.
    Gloves need to be rifle friendly and let me load and unload safely and also allow me to use the trigger when wearing them. Also anyone know of warm socks that actually do what they say on the packaging as toes werent happy either!



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    I don't believe they exist Pete!
    Marigolds are about the only waterproof ones I've come across which would allow the right 'feel' for shooting!
    Sadly they are a bit cold and normally quite bright!
    Anything warm enough is generally too thick!
    I've just got some Norsveda ones which are good but still not quite enough 'feel' for my liking. I like the look of the Harkila pro hunter ones but they are about 80 quid!

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    I used to wear fingerless neoprene gloves for angling that had a pullover mit that covered your finger tips while you didn't need them,they might do the job if youre sitting around for long periods,they certainley kept my hands warm in some pretty bitter weather on the bank.

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    Marigold's, now then, they are not all bright yellow or stunningly pink, If you go to your local industrial machinery / engineering suppliers & ask for industrial Marigolds, you will be furnished with some excellent thin cotton gloves that have been overmoulded in very thin rubber in the palm / wrist / fingers areas, with most of the back of the hand left plain, really very tactile to shoot in, fairly warm & windproof for their construction & they are very thin so will operate as a liner for the real gloves, available in dull grey!
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    Get some aluminised undergloves from USA Walmart or google them for other sources they do socks also.
    As to the feet I found an old down vest charity shop style and once I am sitting in my high seat I wrapped it around the feet and over the upper thighs where the pants are tensioned when you sit down with the zip or pop closures under and behind the legs . Its quiet and no weight and works better than all the other methods ive seen the colour matters not at all asall deer are only seeing shades of gray.

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    Hard to find now but look for the original green leather goretex gloves issued from around 1997. Itatlian leather, goretex and warm. I suffer from the damp/ wind cramping my hands these are the best I have found so far, I just slip off the glove on the trigger hand for the shot if it's a long precise shot.

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    I bought these; and rate them highly. They are not as warm as I would like, but I was out in -8c and was fine, the -17c we had a couple of weeks ago did beat them. I took to wearing wooly gloves over the top of them.

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    Thanks for the replies ...I did infact go down the seal skin route....trouble is they make so many diffferent types, some pants for shooting...I got a thin waterprfoof pair with a bobbly grip palm and wear silk gloves underneath that are really thin but help with heat retention..



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