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Thread: DSC1 awarded - now for DSC2..... Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset or Gloucestershire

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    DSC1 awarded - now for DSC2..... Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset or Gloucestershire

    Just received my DSC1 from BASC, following an excellent three day course and exams with Corinium, so thinking about DSC2.

    Any recommendations for organisations or witnesses in the above counties?

    I'm not a trophy hunter as I would rather stalk for the table or to assist with deer management plans.

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    Having just submitted my portfolio the only advice I can give is Don't Rush, get at least half a dozen culls under your belt or you will struggle. There is no teaching for DSC2 it's about your experience and you cannot get that from a book.


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    Learn to walk before you think about running - it's not a race! Number of culls will not guarantee success. Get some quality training from someone that has DSC2 or an AW if you can. It's a big jump between level 1 & 2!!! Don't rush it!!

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    DSC1 completed successfully, thanks to Jelen for a great course. It was interesting that our examiner didn't recommend dcs2!!!! Either way most of us came away from tHe course thinking there should be a mandatory qualification for fac holders.

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    Get yourself booked in mate and I'll tell you if your ready.
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    I found advice from Ian Farrington (IanF) invaluable but wishing to avoid the "armed ramble" experience I did the Jelen Park Cull for DSC2 although some of this was outside of the deer park.

    (please, no more daft comments from people that haven't been on Jelen's Park cull, there are no buckets of feed, tame deer or any other such similarity with deer farms but I guess that you would need firsthand experience to know this)

    atb Tim

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    As others have said don’t rush, doing level 2 is nothing like doing level 1, you need experience, if you have shot a lot of deer successfully before you took your level 1 fair enough go for it, if not think again.

    To gralloch a deer, find and identify the lymph nodes ect successfully takes practice, esp when it is dark and raining ect. I personally had shot hundreds of deer before I did my level 2 and still had to concentrate to get it right, that leaves aside stalking your deer successfully in the first place, while this part can be made easier by doing it in a park.

    I would read up on level 2, understand exactly what you need to do to gain the award. Then spend a year shooting as many deer as you can solo, do every stalk and gralloch to the level 2 book, once you are clear in your own mind that you know exactly what you are doing then go for level 2. Remember that you will need to pay your assessor for every stalk successful or not, the average stalker in Scotland at least will shot a deer 1 stalk in 3, if you don’t get it right it could cost you thousands of pounds.

    In the past I have taken out clients who despite having shot plenty of deer would have no chance of doing a level 2 stalk and gralloch successfully.

    Most of all enjoy the sport, it is not a competition.



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    Well done one on the Dsc1 and good luck with the 2,


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    In most cases I'd agree with other posters and say don't rush into DSC2 and get the experience first. However, for those that have sufficient experience, then there is no reason to hang about. If you are sure you can do the job sufficiently well taking into account all the health & safety stuff, meat hygiene stuff, have the right equipment and know where all the lymph nodes are and how to recognise disease before preparing a carcass and tagging it as fit for human consumption, then you ARE ready.

    If you are confident in your abilities, get on and do it. You can even get your culls done in 2 days through the BDS or Jelen.



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    Just a quick question, how long did you have to wait for confirmation that you passed. I'm waiting on results from BASC. Sitting on my hands! I know it says up to 6 weeks

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