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Thread: Leupold Custom Dial System

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    Leupold Custom Dial System

    Does anyone have a Leupold scope fitted with their Custom Dial System ?

    I know a good friend of mine has custom turrets built by Kenton Industries in the states which i know he raves about , but i wondered if any one actually had the Leupold built turrets ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Lee, i've got a Leupold 6.5-2050 with target turrets which are marked in moa. When I was into my shooting a bit more I simply put white tape around them and marked the actual range adjustments with a fine permanent pen. I arrived at these adjustments by shooting groups not by using any apps or computer programs. The turrets have covers over them so can't be knocked in the field.

    The scope is sitting on the shelf at the moment waiting for me to get around to send it back to Leupold due to a problem with the paralax adjustment, when it comes back I will probably sell it.


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    I was looking at some stuff on Zeiss on their original scopes they had foils but I now think that they do custom engraved range rings. However in the vid on U tube it was Kenton industries that was mentioned to get engraved range rings from so I assume they do them for lots of scopes.


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    I like the idea and have looked at the Kenton ones for a ziess scope I have

    I agree that I am not sure I would want a custom turret with theoretical data engraved on it
    As it stands I think they only use your bullet style, weight, BC, MV figures to calculate the distribution of markings and extrapolate drop date for your load

    there doesn't appear to be an option for providing actual drop data and assigning that to click value and marking accordingly
    Gunwerks (US) do something similar but this tends to be on their own custom rifle/scope packages

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    I run a leupold M3 for years with 168g hornady tap ammo , the 308 turret matched spot on , certainly good enough for killing hits out to further than you should be shooting really !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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