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    Hi just wanting to know when buying a moderator does the person who is selling the mod have to have the correct caliber that you have the slot for?
    eg if I have a slot for a 243 mod and said person has say 270 mod can he sell it to me as a 243 mod? I think not
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    Hi. You can buy any moderator you like. As long as you have permission to use the mod on your rifle/cal on your FAC, you're fine.

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    Depends what your FAc slot says you may acquire.....

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    I've got a .30 moderator on my 270...doesn't make any difference, as the FAC doesn't specify what moderator you should have, but only the calibre you're allowed to use the mod for.

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    I have a 22-250, and .270. I have two slots for moderators on my FAC, but I only have one .30 cal mod' at the can fill either slot in practice, depending on which rifle it's on

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