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    HART 2oz

    Hello , anyone know anything about HART 2oz triggers , i assume for remmy 700 etc as it looks like one . Are they still rated , Are they still used , Are they worth anything if new with instructions . anything about them would be appreciated thanks gerry

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    Chances are it was originally fitted to a Rem 40XB rifle (from the Rem Custom Shop)

    The trigger (unless you say otherwise) will be a few years old now and if in good condition will be fine, though I think they are on a par with Jewel and Shilen quality wise you won't find spare parts or after service in the UK.

    Originally designed for Benchrest by the way, so possibly no safety or means of attaching safety.

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    Thanks for the info , All sounds very good but not any good to me , But im sure it will be just the job for someone and has it is new should last a little while . Again thanks for your help .

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