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Thread: cooper rifle

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    cooper rifle

    Cooper Pheonix in .17fb.
    had this since day one bought from fox firearms .round count is 560 documented this is a very accurate rifle.threaded for mod adjustable trigger-wilson barrel.
    included in the sale -Redding s-type dies with bushing . Redding form dies to form 221 fb brass to 17fb- approx 100 cases and some formed but not fired,200 berger varmint bullets 25gn -200 nosler hp 20gn -1 tub benchmark powder- primers.mounts and rings 30mm 0r 1" choice.
    harriss bipod and sling.
    this is a superb walking gun ideal for fox and bunnys.accurate as they come outshoots remmys -cz etc. only selling as i dont use it much the .17rem and .22br get the vermin,its sat in the safe calling out to be used. 9 month wait if you want to order one. i can send pics via e mail and can arrange viewing if needed.usual fac rules apply can send to rfd if needs be or meet ftf. asking .
    thanks GaryŁ1050
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    Hi Gary

    If you decide to split I would be interested in the .17 formed cases and the Nosler HP heads

    Many Thanks

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    new year bump please

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    cooper 17fb

    to the top please price drop

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    price drop needs to go

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