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Thread: Lynx rifle scopes

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    Lynx rifle scopes

    Has anybody had any experience with lynx rifle scopes. I came across a 8x56 lynx scope for 330 on a website called
    from what I can gather, lynx have something to do with lightforce/nightforce but I must say I havnt come across this make of scope at my local range or know anyone who has had one.
    id be Intrested to hear people's views as it looks quite good for the money and I'm pretty tempted.

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    Lynx are a South African brand marketing their own range of Optics at least some of which are sourced from the Light Optical works in Japan , their top end scopes - LX2 range - are equivalent to top end Nikon and Weaver - who also source some of their scopes from Light Optical Works , i have an LX2 2.5-10x56 which is basically the same scope as the Nikon Monarch Gold and Weaver Classic Extreme - all originally made in Japan by L.O.W .The LX2 range at least are very well made and have very good optics , the current range - Lynx Optics | Lynx Riflescopes | South Africa .
    hth , Steve

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    I note that also are stockists of the Shepard scope. I really like that scope. Used on twice now on someone else rifle. The on escort zero is just where I want to be with it. I just wish they would do one with a fixed mag!

    Those lynx scopes look as good as they can on a website. If you get a chance to use one let us know how it goes.
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    I used to have a Lynx 2-7x32 which I picked up on holiday in Durban some years ago. It was a perfectly useable scope, similar in quality and feel to Bushnell.
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    I have a lynx 3-9x44 on my sako .308.

    Very clear - perhaps a swaro/zeiss/schmidt may edge it at VERY last light....but I've no immediate plans to change. Thumbs up from me (actual lynx user!).

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    Simjim mentions Shepard scopes. I have a a pair of 8 x 42 Shepard binoculars that were purchased in the USA for me. Nice and light really good glass, crappy lens covers and poor after sales when I tried to get replacement caps. To my eyes the Leica Geovids I have are not that noticeably better.

    Sorry if I have diverted this thread, the mention of Shepard optics just prompted me to post.


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    I think I should apologise to the OP. But the Shepard always gets my attention. I didn't mean to derail your thread.
    Those lynx scopes look good. Go for it.
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    I was looking at a Lynx 1-4x20 for my BLR, they were very nice, but it was the leupold hog I chose,solely on price, I saved a$100 . W

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