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Thread: 308 Norma Magnum

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    308 Norma Magnum

    Morning, does anyone have a 308 norma magnum? My mate has 99 rounds of factory norma ammo for this calibre that he wants to get rid of (sure it will be very cheap) he's based in Bradford so if anyone is close enough to collect give me a shout. It's the 180 grain norma plastic tip. These are in normal Norma brass but the bullet is silver in appearance with what looks like a plastic ball inside the hollow point. They look very different to a normal ballistic tip bullets.

    New norma brass for this is now 44.95 for 20 on midwayuk!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cheer Rick
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    Has your mate used these bullets on beasties? If so how well did they perform? I ask because I have some loaded into 308 & not used them in anger yet.
    I was told in the dim & distant past (15 years ago at least) that these yellow tipped silver jobbies tend to break up on deer & was just wondering if it is true.


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    I have to make mine from 300 Winchester Magnum. Can't abide the price on Norma brass!~Muir

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    Norma ammo with this bullet goes back to the days when this company used mild steel for its jackets. Most users didn't realise this as the majority of products had the bullet given a thin copper plating and they looked no different from the usual gilding metal / tombak types. Apply a magnet and you'll find it'll stick to the bullet.

    Norma changed over to copper alloy jackets many years ago. I don't know if that is because the market demanded it, there being considerable suspicion of steel bullets even if the prejudice is usually unwarranted, or if it was difficult to produce good expansion and weight retention characteristics with this metal.

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    No he's never used them on anything.


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    Years ago a friend of mine used a .308 Norma mag with these bullets in factory loads on NZ red deer never had any failures
    shot quite a number of them, I have some 6.5 139 grain of the same construction loaded in a 264 mag accuracy is good
    have yet to shoot any deer with it, Robert.

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