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    Monmouth, Sunday 28th December.

    Open invite to All Stalking Directory Members for a Christmas shoot.

    We are holding a sporting rifle Christmas fun shoot on the 100 yard idoor tunnel range at Monmouth on Sunday the 28th of December. All Stalking Directory members are invited to attend and it's a free event with no range or entry fees. The start time will be 10 a.m. and we will finish when everyone has shot which should be around lunch time or 2 p.m at the very VERY latest.

    The shoot will take the form of the 10 round "stalkers test" shot from five different positions at roe type targets plus a limited time snap shoot at fox type targets (10 rounds) which shouldl be on the turning target system.
    So an opportunity to get some practise in and meet and socialise with other members of the stalking directory and Monmouth rifle club.

    We just ask that every shooter brings a gift wrapped prize (normally Christmas wrapping paper) to the value of around 5 with them, and then at the end of the day everyone takes home a prize/present to the same value. So it's a gift swapping sort of event in the Christmas spirit.

    Soup and sausage rolls will be provided free of charge but in order to know how many to cater for I will need to know who is coming so please drop me a private message to say that you would like to come. If you haven't been to the range before send me your email address and I will send you directions.

    Lastly one very important thing that I should mention. This is a FUN Christmas shoot so leave your compeditiveness at home and bring your happy Christmas spirit with you (spirit as in demenour not alcaholic drink).
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Not competitive where's the fun in that
    Credit to you for putting it on mike
    I recon me and bandit will be there after a day on the pheasants
    on the sat
    regards pete

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    Pete you are the only guy I know that thinks that stirring your tea is a competitive event.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    James he will only come back at you with you know what he's like.

    Oh I forgot to mention that you will be able to use any firearm that the range can safely handle. If you have any doubts as to what the range can handle drop me a private message.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Got there first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
    Got there first
    Thats a first for you then James long time since we've said that

    That should get him going mike look out Xmas
    Regards pete

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    Only a couple of replies so far, is nobody interested in a friendly shoot over the Christmas holiday period?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Mike,

    Only just spotted this, I'd be up for it too!


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    Unless I've got the country's fastest licencing department, I won't be coming. Sounds like a laugh though, I hope you get a bit more interest!
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