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Thread: No. 23 in the bag

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    No. 23 in the bag

    A "small" update how i am going on on the new permission. Together with my dad I have been busy with building some new stands and high seats to make hunting a bit more comfortable and safe. Used material out of the woods so it sort of blends into the landscape and hopefully the antihunters will not find it and tear the seat down. I love to work like this outdoors, some physical labour to clear the mind and we will benefit of the effort huntingwise. Just keep my fingers crossed how long they will stand.... .

    In the beginning of the week i shot my 23th wild boar this season. It is at a seat me and my dad made in the beginning of the season in a part of the wood quite close to the road.
    I knew that a fallow spiker and some piglets where in this area so i was hoping for one of those. A week earlier i sat on this spot as well and a keiler showed himself. I looked at him and knew our culling limit on the keilers was already full. So i texted the headkeeper with the message i had a keiler in front of me and when he finshed the maize on the feeding station i would go home. He texted me back: shoot. Hmm, then another text with an explanation that in this area the wild boar tend to get at the verges of the road at night and cause traffic accidents. That is why the headkeeper has granted that all wild boar at this stand are free to cull (normally we have to follow a culling number by gender and size). There are a few of these spots, all in the neighbourhood of provincial roads.
    Unluckily the keiler sensed he was on my list now and probably had seen the light of my phone. He just took one last look at me and took off.

    That is why i thought i might try this seat again later. Also i knew red deer and fallow where visiting the feeder opposite of the stand. So i got early on the high seat and hoped for the best. At 18.00 i heard some leaves and branches cracking and tought here he comes. To my surprise it was a group of 5 piglets without a sow. I waited untill one was broadside and standing to the side and it dropped on the spot. Good size piglet.

    Off course i still wanted to have a go at the keiler. So later in the week tried again getting early at the same seat. The automatic feeder goes at 16.00, and 10 minutes later 2 fallow spikers come out of the woods. I aimed at the lesser of the 2 and after the shot it went back into the woods again. I was sure i hit it correctly and after a 30 meter search i got the fallow.

    Nice results bit still no keiler... So i am going back tomorrowevening and again hope for the best. But the way things are going i probably get a Royal stag in front of me instead of the sought after keiler.

    During the week i also got some roe does and a couple of my fellow syndicatemembers got some nice red deer, (some hinds, calfs, spikers and 8 pointers). So the chiller was looking tasty.

    Last but not least I got some good news from the headkeeper this week that apart from family from now on I also can take friends out for a stalk at the permission. Love to show the grounds and get some more wild boar.

    Regarding the keiler, hopefully i can write another story later this week....
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    well done mate.

    Sounds like a good syndicate ground


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    Waidmannsheil Ruud!
    You see, things are developing, quicker than you thought I guess...

    So back on the swapping around soon!!

    Atb Michael
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Thank you for sharing your work - and play!


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    Just heard we have a case of bird flu in the Netherlands. All hunting cancelled for at least 72 hours. That keiler has to wait

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