Hello from Northern Ireland

I shoot game, deer and have hunted in Africa. I use a Sako .222 for foxes, .308 for deer and CZ .375 H&H for plains-game.

Professionally, I research introduced species and therefore have an interest in invasive deer, particulalrly muntjac. I shot 14 in Thetford in one week and have an educational 'muntjac roadshow' I take around Ireland.

I recently found a muntjac dead in Northern Ireland and have other confirmed sightings.

If any of you out there want to help with my research, I can send you a sample pack into which a piece of muntjac tissue (eg tongue cutting) can be placed and sent. We will then examine the DNA for evidence of origins (China/Taiwan) and will map the spread of muntjac sub-species throughout the British Isles.

You can e-mail me at j.dick@qub.ac.uk