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Thread: HADS course help ?

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    HADS course help ?

    I've heard about a humane animal despatch course and am interested in getting qualified and registered. There are loads of car / deer / animal collisions in our area and I would like to help out by at least dispatching any injured animals as humanely & quickly as possible.
    does anyone know if courses are run locally and costs etc ? Any help greatly appreciated

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    BDS do them and will probably run another in East Anglia. Costs 60. Dates for 2015 TBC from their website. See Here:

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    I do know that the BDS are reviewing and updating there RTA course with more practical and real life scenarios which will give more knowledge of what members who attend an RTA can maybe expect to find on arrival at a incident.

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Many thanks Monkey Spanker (great moniker !) & cookingfat.
    fully intending to join BDS anyway so will join and book course at same time
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    I did mine with Jelen at calton moor range, very informative course with good content and discussions, also weapons to be used and contact details for all emergency services were provided, got 5 year lantra certificate on completion,

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    I did mine with Jelen and it was very good - Lantra certified as well. Some very good anecdotal lessons and well worth the price.

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